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Freeloc+ Low price car rental


Discover our small cars

If you want to save money, the Freeloc is for you!

This offer allows you to rent a small-sized car anywhere in France, at the best price. Rental of a Freeloc+ car is just €19 plus VAT per day with 100km included, along with roadside assistance.

You will see that Freeloc+ carries no asterisk, which means that it is available every day of the week including the weekends. In the event that you clock up more than 100km per rental day, additional kilometres are charged at 19 cents per kilometre (that’s an extra €0.19€/km or €19 per additional day).


Options available on Freeloc+ rentals

There are numerous optional extras available when renting this economy vehicle. These include GPS to get you easily from A to B and even snow chains for use during the winter months.


Why rent a small car?

Freeloc rentals are targeted at drivers who need to travel either in urban or extra-urban areas and prefer a small vehicle.

Watch out though, as the Freeloc rental option is not one of our ‘special offers’.

For a more pleasurable driving experience, Rent A Car recommends you go for a small, comfortable city car.

Choose Freeloc if you want to save money!

Freeloc cars have small but powerful engines. Freeloc+ cars also carry advertising on their sides giving rental details. They can only be hired through participating Rent A Car agencies. To book, either visit our website or any of our depots. No prior reservation is required.

The minimum rental period for a Freeloc car is 24 hours and, of course, it depends on the availability of vehicles at your preferred Rent A Car depot.

With these economical cars, the features are simple, but this doesn’t mean they’re any less pleasant to drive. And with a small vehicle, you’re getting good value for money all round. For example, you can always fold down the back seat to increase the available space in the boot.


Additional information on car rental

To rent this type of vehicle, you have to have held a driving licence for a minimum of 3 years.

Take a look at our city cars for driving around town or our “comfort range” vehicles that are ideal for long journeys.

The sheer range of vehicles that Rent A Car has available means that you’re sure to find the right one for your needs, from an economy car to one from our large vehicle range. Indeed, Rent A Car offers customers a choice from around twenty different car categories and as many utility vans, in all its depots.

So for those short trips, go for one of our small-sized vehicles. For longer journeys, on main roads and motorways, opt for the comfort of one of our saloons.

These models of vehicle are available through all our rental agencies across Metropolitan France.

Each Rent A Car agency also caters for customers’ location-specific needs, offering their own range of vehicles and cars that are especially suited to that particular region.

So, for example, you’ll find convertibles available in depots in the sunnier regions, and either more high-end vehicles or perhaps "a weekend" vehicle in other agencies. 



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