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Our small cars

Our range of small cars is aimed at drivers who want to move around in urban areas for a reasonable price.

In fact, these bottom of the range vehicles (for example, the Peugeot 107) are equipped with small, economical engines and at Rent A Car locations are generally available in 3 door versions.

In spite of the small size of these cars, you can easily pull down the back seat and so increase the volume of available boot space.

They are simply equipped but still a pleasure to drive. With a small vehicle, you can drive and save money.


Additional options available on rented cars

When you rent a low price vehicle, you can also choose some optional equipment. For example, a GPS so you don't get lost, or even snow chains for the winter months.


Why rent a small car ?

A small car is ideal for drivers who want to move around urban and suburban areas.

Do you need a small car? Do you want to drive without spending too much?
Choose to rent a small vehicle!

Simple to drive, easy to park, economical to run, these vehicles have everything to help you save money. We're not suggesting you drive low-cost or discount vehicles, simply that it is possible to drive without spending too much: low fuel consumption makes it possible for you to drive short distances without busting your budget.

Rent A Car has the Peugeot 108, Renault Twingo and other small vehicles which can be discovered at the closest location to your home.
Please don't hesitate to ask for our advice when you are choosing your next car for a trip around town.

Choose to rent economic vehicles so you can drive cheaply when you want to, without giving up on comfort!


Additional information on car rental

To rent this type of vehicle, you must have had a valid driving licence for a minimum of 3 years.

Find out more about our city cars, for driving in town or suburban areas, or our range of "comfort cars" for motorway driving.

With Rent A Car you can easily find the best car for your needs. In fact, Rent A Car has a choice of about twenty different passenger cars and utility vehicles at its rental agencies.
So for short trips, why not take advantage of our offers and rent an economical, city car. For your longer trips, outside town or on the motorway, then our sedans are more comfortable.

If you have a very tight budget, why not try renting a Freeloc+. This is a very special offer : €29.99 per day with 100km included and free assistance.

These vehicles are available in all our rental agencies in Metropolitan France.
Rent A Car also answers a very specific need by offering different models of cars in different areas.

So, you can rent a convertible in the sunnier regions (a Peugeot 308cc, for example), or a more high-end vehicle in other agencies.
Find out about vehicle availability directly on our website : www.rentacar.fr, or by contacting your closest location.



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