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Rent a business car with Rent A Car


Rent a compact car that adapts to your needs!

A rental car that’s a class above

Our business range vehicles are ideal for regular journeys, whether on motorways or just in and around urban areas.

All Rent A Car Business vehicles have 5 doors and are air-conditioned. These vehicles have big boots, which can also be easily enlarged by folding down seats.  With petrol or diesel engines they’re also economical on fuel.

In urban areas, these business range cars are not only great for getting around but they’re easy to park too.

Business car rentals combine safety, with driving pleasure.


Some available options

During the business vehicle rental process you will be offered numerous optional extras, including radio/CD and GPS (Global Positioning System) etc., all designed to make your journeys as pleasant as possible. (Being optional, do check their availability with your Rent A Car rental agency).


Need a vehicle? We’ve got the right car for you!

Planning a long trip, or simply looking to get away for the weekend? Check out the range of business vehicles on offer at our Rent A Car agencies. These cars are built for mileage, offering heightened safety and - it goes without saying - incomparable comfort.

Need to get around town or the suburbs? These cars are ideal in these circumstances too. Being compact, they’re easy to park whether on the street or in underground or multi-storey carparks. Our business car rentals are designed with you in mind!

Don’t hesitate to ask for advice from any of our depots when it comes to choosing the model of business vehicle that best suits your requirements. Rent A Car particularly recommends, among others, models such as the Renault Mégane 4 or the Peugeot 308. To see all our vehicles, call in at any of our depots or visit our website www.rentacar.fr


Practical information on car rental

To rent this type of vehicle, you have to have held a ‘B’ driving licence for a minimum of 3 years.

Take a look too at our "Comfort" cars and “Saloons”!

Need a small car or a larger-than-average one? Rent A Car has about twenty categories of touring/commercial vehicles for rental within its network of agencies.

Choose the most appropriate vehicle for the journey you’re planning: for short trips, a small car will be fine (economical or city ranges) or pick a saloon for a longer drive.
You’re certain to find the right vehicle you need within our car rental agencies that are located all across Metropolitan France as well as in Corsica and in DOM (French overseas regions).

On a tight budget? Don’t worry! Rent a Freeloc car. Freeloc+ costs just €29.99 a day and comes with 100 km included as well as roadside assistance.

Got your eye on a fancy convertible? Some of our agencies have this kind of car available, too. There’s nothing better for making the most of the good summer weather. Indeed, each Rent A Car has some vehicles that are unique just to that depot, ones that best suit the diverse needs of that region (top-of-the-range utility vans, sports cars, etc.).

Want to check the availability of the vehicle you have in mind? Just visit www.rentacar.fr/en or contact the Rent A Car agency closest to you.



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