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Go for comfort every time!

The pleasure of driving

Rent A Car has a range of ‘Comfort’ cars available throughout its network of rental agencies. These saloons are mainly 5-door vehicles, with higher-cc engines. Fuel consumption will, of course, be higher for short journeys and in urban areas.

These cars are ideal for motorway driving and for all long car journeys. With 5 seats, you can take the whole family and friends too!

You also get all the driver comfort that this vehicle type provides. They are spacious as well as very well equipped.

The large boot in these cars means you can easily take all the luggage you need for your trip.



For your car rental comfort, there are numerous features, such as the radio/CD sound system, air conditioning, GPS to get you where you want to go, baby seats, booster seats and even snow chains for winter travelling (some items are optional, and can be pre-ordered online and\or in our agencies).

Our saloon range has slightly higher CO2 emissions than smaller, cheaper models, but fuel consumption remains similar across city driving and motorway driving, providing that you watch your speed and drive appropriately.


Tempted to rent a big car?

The comforts provided by hire cars come into their own during holiday periods. 
Holidays are often synonymous with hours and hours spent on the road.

Aboard any vehicle in our “Comfort” range, you get all the driving pleasure in complete peace. Safety and comfort features (check out air con and other optional extras with your adviser in the agency) are the key attractions of this kind of vehicle.

Our "Comfort" vehicles are also perfectly adapted to city driving and for moving around urban areas. But you’ll need to keep an eye on your driving style, adjusting it according to the size and power of the car.Do not hesitate to contact any of our agencies to ask for more information from our advisers about which comfort vehicle model best suits your needs. Rent A Car particularly recommends the Citroën C5 and the Volkswagen Passat, although there are many other makes and models available as well.



Practical information on car rental

To rent this vehicle type, you have to have held a ‘B’ driving licence for a minimum of 2 years.

Take a look at all the people carriers and saloons available through Rent A Car!

Rent A Car has the right vehicle for you, whether for tourism purposes or everyday use, in all its locations.

Thanks to Rent A Car, you will easily find the most suitable car for your needs, including small city cars.

If you drive a lot in urban areas, then why not hire one of our small-sized vehicles? Choose from among our economy range and city cars. If you’re planning a longer journey, a saloon or a large road vehicles will be more appropriate.

On a tight budget? Then try renting a Freeloc+ with Rent A Car. A Freeloc+ vehicle can be rented for just €29.99 per day with 100km included as well as roadside assistance.
You can rent these models all over France. You are sure to find the vehicle you need in our car rental agencies not only in Metropolitan France, but also in Corsica and in the DOM (FRENCH OVERSEAS DEPARTMENT). Many of RENT A CAR’s local branches have unique offers that vary according to the region you are in. These include particular models, such as convertibles (e.g. the Peugeot 308cc), some of the top-of-the-range vans and a number of our people carriers.

All information on our ‘Rent A Car’ vehicles is available on our website or from your closest Rent A Car location.


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