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Rent of minibus - Rent a car with 9 seats with Rent A Car


Travel together by renting a minibus

Plenty of room for family and friends

Our range of rental Minibuses allows you to carry up to 9 people at once. About the size of a larger car and or a people-carrier, each minibus has 9 real seats. Generally, these vehicles are very well equipped, with good engines that make the vehicles surprisingly easy to drive.

The advantage of minibuses is their large boot for lots of luggage.
Moving around town or for motorways journeys, getting from A to B is easy aboard a minibus.



Renting a minibus comes with numerous optional extras, as is the case when you rent any Rent A Car vehicle: for example, a radio/CD; air conditioning for a pleasant journey every time; a GPS (Global Positioning System) to get you from A to B; and snow chains for when you have to drive despite a bad weather forecast.

Furthermore, a minibus has characteristically modest CO2 emissions - 183g/km.


When is a minibus the best choice?

A minibus comes into its own when you’re going on holiday or taking a long road trip together. Want to travel in a group? Take your family and friends anywhere in France and on all kinds of roads. It’s at times like these that the minibus proves itself to be the optimum choice – where all those on board see first-hand just how passenger-friendly, practical and roomy it is.

Forget minibuses of the past, our models are comfortable, air-conditioned, easy to drive and, be assured, a very safe way to travel.

We recommend, in particular, the Fiat Scudo, the Mercedes Vito. These, along with numerous other minibus makes and models, are all available from your local depot. 

Contact one of our advisers today. They will guide you in your selection and you’ll be sure to make the right choice in line with your particular needs, choosing the vehicle boasting the optimum combination of money-saving and user-friendliness!

Hit the road together, hassle-free, with our minibus rental service!


Practical information on Minibus rental

To rent this kind of vehicle, you have to have held a ‘B’ driving licence for a minimum of 5 years.

Take a look, too, at our medium people-carrier and our people-carriers.

With about twenty models of touring cars and utility vehicles available across the Rent A Car network, you’ll quickly find the one that meets your needs.

For running around the town, we recommend one of our small vehicles (an economical or a city car). By contrast, for your longer trips, a car from our "comfort" or "business" range is going to be more suitable.

You will find our range of vehicles available right across France.

Rent A Car also broadens its rental range by offering vehicles specific to each depot and to every geographical region.

So, for example, across the South of France, our depots have plenty of convertibles available including the Peugeot 308. In other regions, you might find vehicles that are slightly more high-end and "estate"-type cars for hire.

If your budget is limited, renting a Freeloc car makes great sense. Rent A Car's Freeloc+, costs just €29.99 a day, including the first 100km and roadside assistance.

For full information on renting a vehicle in our ‘Rent A Car’ range, go to our online booking page or simply contact the agency closest to your home.



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