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Rent a small utility

Our small vans 3m3

The small commercial vehicles are used, most of the time, for the transportation of light goods.

Indeed, to make deliveries, these "small vans" prove to be very practical.
A small utilitarian van is good for driving in urban areas. Its compact size allows you to park easily.

Two seats are available in front of the small van for rent.

The commercial vehicles of small template are used most of the time for the transportation of light goods.
Indeed, to make deliveries, these girls "small vans" show themselves very practical.
A small utilitarian small van suits in the driving in urban area. Its size compacts allows you to park easily. 
Two seats are available in front of the small van of rent.


Dimensions Small van (3m3)

Utility 3m3*LenghtWidthHeight
External dimensions4.21m2.13m1.81m
Internal dimensions1.67m1.32m1.27m

*For information purposes only, non-contractual. Contact the rental agency of departure for further information.

Adapted for the transport of small goods or 20 cardboard boxes.

These dimensions can vary according to the vehicle proposed to you on the day of departure. Do not hesitate to contact your Rent A Car adviser for further information.



Multiple specs available: radio / CD, or GPS and renting from the counter and/or on the Internet. Other options such as adding an additional driver and the young driver option are possible. Inquire with your Rent A Car adviser.

You can also subscribe to insurance coverage in case of damage to this commercial vehicle.


Why choose a small van?

Rent A Car proposes rentals of ideal small vans for fast deliveries, moving or the transport of cumbersome elements. Less voluminous than other utilities, the 3m3 size will allow you to park easily in town.

Furthermore, for fast deliveries, renting a small commercial vehicle can be made on the hour and without appointment.

Rent A Car also offers you cardboard boxes, covers as well as a whole choice of packaging products. Do not hesitate to contact your Rent A Car agency for more information.


Rent a small utility

We invite you to verify some points before setting off if you are renting a utility of 3m3 for the first time.

The commercial vehicle of 3m3 is not equipped with an internal rear-view mirror. 
Think of adjusting those situated outside the vehicle correctly before getting behind the steering wheel.

Do not hesitate to ask for advice from the agent accompanying you when taking the vehicle.

Upon your return, make sure that the general condition of the utility is as it was when you picked it up.

Also think of noting the mileage of the vehicle as well as the fuel level.

The utilities of 3m3 are not available for simple routes. If you wish to know more about renting a utility for an outbound trip only, consult the "One way " section of our website.

You need more space? Find our range of utilities on the Internet: 4-6m3 vans7-9m3 vans  or the big vans. With about ten categories of commercial vehicles, Rent A Car adapts itself to your needs.

Do not waste anymore time, we have the commercial vehicle that you need! For the transport of small goods, small vans offer the best compromise. For moving, rather opt for a small truck or a big van. You can rent more specific vehicles in certain agencies like a double cabin truck for example.

Quickly find the availability of a category of vehicles on our website www.rentacar.fr, or by contacting the closest agency from your home.


Practical information on the renting of a utility

To rent this vehicle type, you have to be the holder of a class B driving license for more than 3 years.


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