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No building site should be without

Our dumper trucks

Our range of commercial vehicles includes a dumper truck that is ideal for use on construction sites.

Dumper trucks allow you, for example, to transport all the different types of building materials you need.

Loading and unloading is made easy by hydraulic raising/lowering the open-box bed at the back of the truck.

Renting a dumper truck means that you can transport heavy loads (aggregate, gravel, and other materials) and in large quantities too. But, be careful to respect the gross weight allowance (full details are supplied with your vehicle).

Certain models of dumper truck have a double-sized cabin.

Going for a double-cabin model means you can take plenty passengers too as well having room for all your construction equipment. However, you won’t be able to transport as much material if you select this particular type of utility vehicle.


Utility dumper truck dimensions

Dumper truck*LengthWidthheight
External dimensions5.50m2.00m2.36m
Internal dimensions2.75m1.74m2.40m

*For information purposes only, non-contractual. Contact your rental agency of departure for further details.

Its tipping action makes it an ideal vehicle for use on building sites.



A dumper truck is a great choice if you’re contemplating building renovations in your home or if you need to shift heavy or cumbersome items.

Using a dumper truck from our commercial vehicle range enables easy transportation of all materials whether for home refurbishment projects or for mainstream construction sites.

These trucks are also equipped with a skip with fold-down sides that makes loading and unloading even simpler.


Practical information on dumper truck rental

To rent this vehicle type, you have to have held a ‘B’ driving licence for a minimum of 5 year(s).

Rent A Car also recommends you consider a small truck with loading platform or one of our 20m3 trucks.

The full Rent A Car range of vehicles is classified broadly into passenger cars and utility vehicles.

Choose from among our massive range of vehicles for hire. Whatever your need or desire, we’re confident we have what you’re looking for!

For a construction site or for transporting building materials, there’s no other commercial vehicle more effective or practical than a dumper truck. While, for making fast deliveries in the city centre, you can’t beat a small van.

To check the availability of any of our commercial vehicles visit www.rentacar.fr or simply contact your nearest depot.


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