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A very large van for home removals

An important transport capacity

Moving house? Need a big utility vehicle capable of transporting all your furniture and boxes?

Our large, 14m3 van has ample carrying capacity – enough to move a whole small business to new premises, while keeping costs to a minimum.

Certain of these commercial rental vehicles even have a side door in the back. This makes it easier to load and unload your vehicle.

These types of utility vehicle don’t require a HGV licence. But you need to have held a driving license for over 5 years and be over the age of 23.

Take time to get acquainted with the dimensions of the van if you are not used to driving this type of vehicle.


14m3 utility vehicle (large van) dimensions

Large van 14m3*LengthWidthHeight
External dimensions6.45m2,42m2,70m
Internal dimensions4.30m1.80m1.94m

*For information purposes only. Contact your rental agency of departure for further details.

Suitable for moving the contents of a one- or two-bedroomed home, or around 90 average-sized cardboard boxes.


Optional extras for commercial vehicles

We have a wide selection of accessories and materials to help you move: cardboard boxes, packaging materials, dollies and trolleys. Don’t hesitate to consult any of our agency staff who will know how best to advise you.


Ideal van for removals

A 14m3 truck comes into its own when you have to transport a large number of items or things that are particularly cumbersome.

Our 14m3 vans are perfectly suited for long distances. These vehicles assure comfort as well as safety while driving.

You’ll find 14m3 trucks available for hire from Rent A Car agencies all over France. Check vehicle availability on our website, by telephone, by popping in to your closest depot or using our smartphone app.


Practical information on van rental

To rent this vehicle type, you have to have held a ‘B’ driving licence for a minimum of 5 years and be over the age of 23.

Why not also check out our medium vans 10-12m3 or a small truck with tailgate?

Rent A Car propose various models of vehicles of tourism and commercial vehicles within his network.

Every commercial vehicle is especially well-suited to very precise need.

Small vans turn out to be very practical, for example, if you have to deliver parcels in town centres or in urban areas.

On the other hand, small trucks - with or without a tailgate - allow you to transport large quantities of all sorts of items.

For full details of all our vehicles and their availability visit our website or simply call your nearest depot.



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