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Utility 10-12m3 rental

A big utility for work and\or moving

Until 12m3 of storage in a commercial vehicle

The 10-12m3 utility offers you significant storage volume. 
These big vans are easy to manoeuvre in urban areas, to deliver goods or move the contents of an apartment.

A side opening facilitates the handling of the property to be transported.

Concerning internal equipment, three seats are available in the front of the big van.

The gas trapdoor is generally situated on the left-hand side of the vehicle, near the driver’s side (varies according to the model of utility which you wish to rent).



Utility dimensions 10-12m3 (big van)

Utility 10-12m3*LengthWidthHeight
External dimensions5.91m2.42m2.82m
Internal dimensions3.26m1.78m1.84m

*For information purposes only, non-contractual. Contact the rental agency of departure for further information.



Storage space in a utility

To move one F2/F3 or 90 cardboard boxes.


Options for renting a utility

Our commercial vehicles 10-12m3 are equipped with car radio but also with optional GPS navigation systems. Contact your Rent A Car agency for information on how to rent accessories.

For your driving comfort, you can subscribe to other options when renting a utility 10-12m3.

For example, if you take the “additional driver” option, you can share the driving in complete safety.


Move with a utility

A utility of 10 or 12m3 is ideal for all your moving needs.

Indeed, with a large ceiling height, you can easily transport your furniture, large electrical appliances, your other large and/or cumbersome objects and even your plants.

All your goods will be easy to load during a move. Do not waste anymore time, choose to rent vans which are spacious and practical. For the handling of your goods, cardboard boxes and other packaging products are available from our agencies and/or on the Internet.

The big vans are also available for one way rental. To obtain a price list, simply consult “reservations” and indicate the agency where you wish to collect your vehicle and the agency where you wish to return it.


Practical information on renting a utility

To rent this vehicle type, you have to be the holder of a class B driving license for more than 3 years.


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