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A compact commercial vehicle for moving

Until 6m3 of storage

The average small van is a good compromise for the users who wish to move small surfaces in town.

Indeed, these commercial vehicle models offer you storage space in spite of their small size.

Easy to drive, you can circulate in underground parking or in narrow streets. Nevertheless, verify authorized height limits before you commit.

The 4-6m3 utilities rented at Rent A Car have a reasonable fuel consumption rate in town or on the highway.

Before setting off with a small van, make sure you know the vehicle well. Indeed, driving a commercial vehicle is not the same as that of a tourism vehicle. Take it for a test drive in a cleared zone to familiarise yourself with its size and manage dead angles.


Small utility 6m3

Utility 6m3*LengthWidthHeight
External dimensions4.75m2.24m1.90m
Internal dimensions2.22m1.65m1.26

*For information purposes only, non-contractual. Contact the rental agency of departure for further information.



A commercial vehicle adapted to every situation

Recommended for transport of more cumbersome goods such as the big household electric appliances or numerous cardboard boxes.

Equipment is available in our agencies - GPS, snow chain, cardboard packs, trolleys... - For a simple move conducted in complete safety. Certain equipment is optional: verify their availability with your Rent A Car rental agency.



Rent a small van for moving

The small vans of 4-6m3 are ideal for small moves or if you have to transport cumbersome objects such as furniture or household electrical appliances. If you are moving the contents of a small apartment, rent a utility of 4-6m3. This one will be perfectly adapted to the transport of little voluminous goods.

Small 4-6m3 vans are not available on the offers for simple routes. Do not hesitate to consult the closest agency from your home to obtain more information on this matter, or consult our column "Simple Route".

Our agencies have cardboard boxes and other packaging products for the handling of your property.

You can also use a large-sized small van to transport goods.


Practical information on renting a utility

To rent this vehicle type, you have to be a holder of a class B driving licence for more than 3 years.

Discover our small utilities 7-9m3 or large vans 10-12m3.

Rent A Car's agencies offer about twenty categories of passenger cars and commercial vehicles throughout France.

Our agents are at your disposal in agency or by telephone to suggest the utility which is best adapted to your needs.

Rent a small van in town, if it is a short travel distance.
Rent a big van if you have to go off road and transport a large number of goods.
To know the availability of a category of vehicles, visit the site of Rent A Car, or contact the closest rental agency from your home.



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